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Choosing a Computer Lab Rental Location

By: Timothy Harvard
Category : Sales Training
May 14, 2013

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Computer upgrades are crucial for businesses to stay competitive. However, training employees to use the new computers, laptops and software can be hassle. Choosing the right Computer Lab Rental facility can help make the transition to new hardware and software easier for you and your employees.

Meets IACC Standards

Computer training labs fall under the classification of conference rooms. Check to see that your prospective computer lab meets the standards for the International Association of Conference Centers. The IACC checks all members to make sure they meet strict standards for business conferences. You can email the IACC to ask if a particular facility meets their standards.


Facilities need to be easy for all employees to get to. It should be located near major highways and clearly signed. It also needs to have plenty of free parking for your employees. If you are planning on busing employees in, the facility needs to have large enough parking spots to handle tour busses. Never assume a computer training rental facility has enough free parking or is easy enough for even the most brain-dead of your employees to find. Check it out for yourself.

Training Staff

Do you need to bring your own training staff and equipment or will the computer lab rental facility provide this or you? This is the big difference between renting a basic conference room and renting from a facility that is specifically used to train employees on new hardware and software. If the facility provides computers, can they be customized? If the facility provides staff, can the staff monitor problems remotely or do they need to be in the room with you at all times?


Computer training rooms need to be more than just large classrooms with lots of tech toys. They also need to have basic services like break rooms, easy to access restrooms and, if possible, catering services. If you have handicapped employees, you need to find out if the facility has ramps, elevators and handicapped accessible restrooms. If you plan on teleconferencing during the training sessions, make sure the facility has free Wi-Fi and high speed internet access.