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Bankruptcy Attorney in Elkhorn WI

By: Alex
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July 25, 2012

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A bankruptcy attorney in Elkhorn WI is available to help you navigate through the complicated process of filing for bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy was created to provide relief to people who can no longer afford to pay their bills; it is a financial fresh start.  Individuals can choose either to restructuring debts into manageable payments (Chapter 13) or liquidate debts through the sale of nonexempt property (Chapter 7).  The process of filing for a bankruptcy begins by the filing of a petition with the bankruptcy court as well as schedules of assets, liabilities, income, expenditures, contracts, leases and a statement of financial affairs.  The paperwork burden for filing for bankruptcy can be a challenge; it takes experience and knowledge of the laws to successfully proceed. 

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act And Bankruptcy
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act forbids collection agencies from using harassing techniques including threats of violence, threats of arrest, abusive language, and phone calls outside of the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Additionally, consumers have the right to request written verification of debts and collection agencies must stop harassing practices including calls and letters until the debt has been verified.  If you have mounting unpaid debts and are experiencing harassment from creditors, it is time to seriously consider filing for bankruptcy.  A bankruptcy attorney in Elkhorn WI will stop the collection activities against you, file the necessary paperwork for bankruptcy, and be your advocate during this difficult financial time. 

Medical Bills And Bankruptcy
It is estimated over 60% of bankruptcies filed each year are from individuals with medical bills.  Yes, medical bills can be included in bankruptcy.  Today, as more and more individuals have lost their jobs, they have also lost their health insurance.  When a traumatic accident or a chronic illness or disease appears, the last thing that we need is the additional stress of unpaid medical bills.  Under the law, medical bills can be included in bankruptcy, allowing individuals with health challenges the ability to heal and recover without the added stress of unpaid medical bills.

The Bankruptcy Trustee – Friend Or Foe?
First, the court-appointed Bankruptcy Trustee is an advocate for the creditors, not the debtor.  A bankruptcy attorney is an advocate for the debtor.  The official roll of the Trustee is to oversee and administer the estate of the bankruptcy.  This individual is responsible for the reviewing of schedules provided by the debtor and oversees the process of selling nonexempt property and the distribution of funds.  It is vital that during a bankruptcy and the creditor meetings those individuals have legal counsel to help them through this stressful process.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Elkhorn WI can help smooth the path towards a financial relief.

Bankruptcy is a tough choice, however often times it is the best choice for individuals that want to get back to living and leave the burdens of their debts behind them.  Whether you choose Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is important to have an advocate by your side to help you choose the best solution for your current financial situation.  Trust a local bankruptcy attorney in Elkhorn WI to help you through the process.

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