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A guide to purchasing a bong

By: Alex
Category : Shopping
April 23, 2013

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Shopping for a bong can be an overwhelming experience. There are bongs in Long Island that are made from plastic, ceramics, bamboo and the classic material, glass. Glass is hard to beat as a material for a bong, plastics are cheap, but they work, ceramic bongs can be had with some elaborate and beautiful designs and bamboo is classic, durable and stylish.

At the end of it all, buying a bong is a personal experience and to gather up all the knowledge on the options that are available can take years, hopefully this guide can help you in deciding what the right bong might be for you.


Asking what a bong will be used for is akin to asking what a TV will be used for, the answer is obvious. What isn’t obvious though is the environment. There are bongs in Long Island that are used once a week and other that are used three times a day. Is your bong strictly personal or might it get passed around? Is your bong going with you on trips? There are a ton of factors that need to be taken into account, including how often you intend to clean it.


If the bong you are contemplating is your first one you need to consider your lung capacity. If the chamber never fully fills with smoke then the bong is not being used to its full potential. If the chamber cannot be completely emptied, the subsequent hit will include stale smoke which has an effect on the taste. You need to buy no more capacity than you are comfortable with, in the bong business, "bigger is not always better."


The bigger the bong, the larger the chance of it getting broke. There is no getting away from the fact that a big bong gives an awesome hit, you really need a safe place to store it. A big bong, when being shared with friends is even more susceptible to getting broken.


If you will not be sharing your bong, then you might want to try a super technical bong. They can get expensive, but they result in optimum THC absorption and give a very cool, clean hit. When you say “technical bong,” it refers to attachments such as diffusers, percs, ice catchers etc.


Even though glass bongs Long in Island are fragile, do not be discouraged from buying one. Many glass bongs that are designed for daily use are quite sturdy. Straight pipes or beaker bongs are also sturdy as they are not ridiculously high.


Ceramic bongs Long in Island are usually small compared to their glass counterparts due to the weight of ceramic over glass. They are available in a wild combination of colors and shapes. Ceramic bongs, because of their unusual shapes are great display pieces. The disadvantage of a ceramic bong is not knowing if the water is dirty, you have to keep track of how many draws have passed through the water.