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A New Building Can Qualify for the 179D Deduction

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Finance
April 12, 2013

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The government has been working hard to protect the environment in any way possible. Because there are new businesses that spring up all the time, it is important to make sure all new buildings follow the appropriate guidelines. However, there is a difference between being environmentally friendly and passing building code inspections. This is why the 179D deduction was created to allow businesses to save money and encourage them to start out with energy savings.

Not Going Green

Before you move forward with your plans to build your business, it is important to learn just which types of energy saving processes and fixtures will allow you to claim this deduction. This will allow you to maximize the benefits you can receive. However, if you built your commercial building before you were aware of this important deduction, you may not be exempt from claiming it after all. Talk to the professionals to find out if your building still qualifies. Even if you have to make a few changes, you will be glad you looked into this deduction.

The Design Phase

If you have not yet built your commercial building, you can hire a company that is well-versed in 179D deductions to help you through the process. Their experts can even help you design your building. If you aren’t sure what types of building features you need to qualify, you need to be sure you are working with someone who does. Failure to pay attention to even the most minor details can cause problems when it comes to trying to claim this deduction on your future taxes.

Site Inspection

Once your building is complete, you will need to obtain a full inspection by a certified engineer who is trained specifically in the 179 deductions. This inspection will look at the energy-saving measures you took when you built the building, especially in terms of HVAC, lighting and business envelope. After the inspection is complete, the company you hire will be able to look at your construction records and the result of the inspection to help you determine just how much you qualify for.

Building a new commercial building can be one of the best ways to start up your new business. If you are looking for more ways to reduce your tax liability as you take on the venture of starting up a business, the 179D deduction can be your best ally if you use it correctly. Whether you already built your building or you are still in the planning process, you need someone who will be able to guide you through the process, from design through to site inspection, to ensure the best results.