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A Forgotten Job

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Small Business
July 29, 2012

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No one ever thinks about what it takes to make a badge.  In fact, badge making is a fine and necessary career, but one that is often invisible to the average consumer’s radar.  Here are some reasons why badge-making could make the perfect job for you.

1. Badges obviously have to be made by someone, but that someone is unfortunately often forgotten.  Instead, his results are often taken for granted.  Being taken for granted is often a quality of the best unsung livelihoods: There will always be a demand for badges, and this demand creates job security. 

2. It’s the perfect job if you want to work with metal.  Smithing is a dying art.  No one makes swords for actual combat and cars preclude most of the horses that need to be shoed.  Badges, on the other hand, are used by the thousands. Every sort of security force or agency uses badges.  There are a myriad of applications for the metalsmith who creates badges.

3. Making a badge will also help people with the job of helping others.  In many ways, the badge is their coat of arms, the symbol of their possibilities.  Making their insignia helps them do their job better. 

4. Making badges is also a good way to apply design skills.  No badge is a blank piece of metal pinned to a law enforcement uniform.  Rather, the badge has a symbol on it, telling you exactly about the person in front of you.  Each city, state, federal defense agency and even the military needs a different design.  If one makes all badges the same, then they are as pointless as a blank badge. 

5. Making badges is a specialized job, requiring a technical skill.  Technical skills often pay more for the specialized knowledge.  It also means that the competition will mostly be based on skill, merit, instead of any other business bias.  The better you make or design a badge, the more likely you will be hired.

No one ever thinks of making badges as a career, which also means there will be less competition, than say being a teacher.  This will also make badge technicians in higher demand.

So add badge making to your list of careers of which no one ever thinks.  It should promise to make a stable job, applying interests in either metal or design.  Besides, it is an honor to make a badge for those who serve.

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