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Shopping for Engagement Rings in Fairfax The Perfect Ring

By: Alex
Category : Jewelry
January 22, 2013

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When it’s time to make the big commitment, finding the perfect engagement ring is at the top of one’s list of priorities. An engagement ring can say a lot about the husband-to-be and his bride, whether it’s a simplistic or luxurious style. Before making the trip to the jewelry store, consider of all the styles of rings available. Adhere to these simple rules to ensure you’ve made a smart purchase.

Ring Options
There are engagement rings to fit everyone’s individual style. Do you prefer gold, silver or platinum? Have you considered traditional or modern? How about simple or flashy? When you decide beforehand, you can narrow down your choices at the jewelry store. Some rings offer intricate filigree or multiple stones. Brides-to-be also have the option of attaining custom-made jewelry. Custom engagement rings in Fairfax can also be scripted with names or special messages for your loved one.

Just for Her
If you’re a husband purchasing an engagement ring for your wife, there are several ways to choose the perfect ring. Her personality and look can tell you a lot about the type of jewelry she prefers. Does she have a modern approach to fashion or is she a tad flashier? Pay attention to what type of jewelry she generally wears on a daily basis. Your wife-to-be may also leave some subtle hints. She may refer to rings when window shopping or mention a ring in a magazine or catalog.

Cuts and Colors
With such a wide variety of engagement ring styles, you have the opportunity to think outside the box. If your bride-to-be doesn’t care for the look of basic diamonds, consider a brilliantly colored ruby or sapphire. Engagement rings in Fairfax can also be found in a variety of metals, including basic silver and gold. The cut of the diamond can completely transform its entire appearance. Round diamonds are among the most common cut of engagement rings, but oval, pear, princess, and heart-shaped cuts are also available.

Quality Rings
When it comes to your engagement, quality is highly important. Use your purchase of an engagement ring as an investment, as the bride-to-be will likely keep it treasured for the rest of her life. Since you want the engagement ring to be sturdy, opt for a stone that is of a higher level of hardness, such as a diamond. Amethysts, sapphires and emeralds are beautiful but may be too soft for daily wear.