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How to Select the Best Firewood

By: Alex
Category : Environment
July 27, 2012

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Whether it is for campfire cooking or warming, grilling or heating homes, fact is; firewood still remains to be a leading source of fuel. It carries along with it some benefits hence justifying its use in the 21st century. At the outset, it is important to state that conservation of the environment is the responsibility of every occupant of planet Earth; and hence firewood should be obtained legally and from a sustainable source. For household use or camping, it is advisable to buy firewood Tulsa OK from a licensed tree service company. In as much as wood boasts of being one of the oldest sources of fuel, it is shocking that so few know how to select the best wood. For the majority of the population, the point is usually to kindle a fire and that is it. Only a select few are aware that there is more than meets the eye. Different types of wood burn differently and hence it is important to know how to choose the best wood that would suit your specific preferences.

What then is the criterion that may be used in selecting firewood Tulsa OK?
First, it is important to analyse the use of the wood. One might dismiss this point claiming-and rightly so- that firewood is obviously used for lighting fires. However, that is not the point. The meaning of “use” in this context is the precise purpose of the fire you intend to light. Is it for cooking, heating etc.? The wood used for heating is not necessarily the same one that should be used for cooking. Once you are clear on your objective, you can then assess the quality of the firewood and analyse whether it is likely to meet the goals you have in mind.

The energy content of wood is generally measured through British Thermal Units (BTUs). BTU specifies the amount of heat given off by a particular flame. Depending on the purpose of a fire, it is important to select the wood with the level of BTU that will best satisfy your goals. Even for cooking, not all foods will cook within the same time frame or with the same level of heat. Others require more heat than others and will have to be cooked for a longer time. The BTU content will help in deciding the type of firewood that will best achieve the objective in mind.

Another point to note is that seasoned wood generally burns better than green or wet wood. “Seasoned wood” is dry wood. For firewood Tulsa OK expected to be used in the near future, select seasoned wood over wet wood.

Also, hardwood is generally the best for cooking and heating. It is denser than softwood and burns for longer. It is thus very suitable for fires that are intended to last for a longer time.