The Work of a DUI Defense Lawyer from Morgantown WV

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Drinking and driving is very dangerous for you as well as others on the road. Drunken driving is actually not illegal up to a certain point, but once that point is exceeded, you are going to be charged under a section commonly termed as ‘Driving Under Influence’ or DUI. Here, ‘influence’ simply refers to your body’s decreased level of consciousness due to high levels of alcohol or other drugs in your system. If convicted, you can save yourself from a harsh punishment with the help of a good DUI defense lawyer. Morgantown, WV based law firms can handle such cases well.

Driving under influence is never acceptable, especially if you are not in control. This is the time when you are most vulnerable, and are surely going to cause problems on the streets. The best solution in such cases is to let someone else (who is not under influence) drive you home. In worst cases, you might not just have violated any traffic rules, but accidentally run someone down. The situation can have grave consequences on your life; but the most respectable thing during this time would be to not flee the scene of the crime, instead call the cops and try and save the innocent victim.

Either way, you are going to be charged under DUI and would be immediately detained and presented in a court. Such trials can go really ugly, wherein, in worst cases, a person can be jailed and have his license suspended. However, with a professional DUI defense lawyer, Morgantown WV courtrooms can be made to see things in a different light. With the facts of your willingness to help the victims brought to light, your reputation can be saved at some point. You may even be let go with a fine and a small term, or even just a fine and a warning.

A DUI lawyer can be hired by the defendant or his family members very easily. Most commonly, DUI lawyers are listed in the local yellow pages for easy accessibility. Apart from this, such lawyers have their online presence for clients to find them whenever required. A simple Google search can turn up hundreds of results of a good DUI defense lawyer. Morgantown, WV based legal offices always have a few attorneys who have many such successful cases under their belt. In most cases, these lawyers are successful in reducing the harshness of the sentences.