Smile with confidence once again with professionally installed dental implants

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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The prospect of having to go through life with a set of broken, distorted or missing teeth is something that no one relishes.  Not only does this condition hurt your self-confidence, but it may also lead to other maladies such as poor dental hygiene and associated illnesses. Eager to help fix the problem are dental professionals who specialize in procedures for dental implants in Briarcliff, NY.

The question is – which dental practice should you trust to help you take back your life. Deciding to have dental implants in Briarcliff, NY requires an investment on your part, not just in money but in terms of time as well. And the investment is for the long-term, preferably one that lasts for decades.

Well, the first thing to look for is a dental practice that has a team of professionals onboard, instead of a lone practitioner. Getting your dental implants in Briarcliff, NY from a firm with a team will ensure that your surgery and care receives inputs from a broad spectrum of qualified individuals. As well, teams can bring complimentary skillets to bear when treating you, which loners cannot.

Since your future will depend on how well your implants were installed, you need to have assurances that the surgeon attending to you is sufficiently qualified. Look for professionals specializing in dental implants in Briarcliff, NY that are affiliated with professional dental bodies like the American Dental Association, the Ninth District Dental Society and the America Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Preferably, the dental practice you select to install your dental implants in Briarcliff, NY should have a qualified Prosthodontist on board who is a member of the American Prosthodontic Society. While general dentists can help with implants to some degree, a Prosthodontist has much more experience and specialization in the field, making him/her a better choice.

Ask the dental surgeon that will be doing your dental implants in Briarcliff, NY about other procedures that s/he and the staff are qualified to perform. Teams that have a broad base of experience in cosmetic and dental reconstruction and restorative procedures should be preferred.

Conventional implant techniques usually could take a few months to complete. During that time you may have to regularly visit the offices of the dentist providing you the dental implants in Briarcliff, NY. However, there are options available that are less painful, produce little bleeding and do not cause much tissue trauma or swelling.

These procedures use the minimum number of implants, heal quicker than conventional methods and can be cost effective to maintain and repair down the line. The technique does not use high-speed drilling which usually is the cause of significant bleeding and trauma to the patient’s jaws and gums. Surgeons specializing in low-speed drilling techniques would be the choice for your dental implants in Briarcliff, NY.