Choosing a Business Sign in Kansas City

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Small Business

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You may think that all business advertising signs are the same, but there are actually many different kinds of signage. A lot of sign Kansas City terminology comes from where the sign is located on the premises; window signs are very common, as are canopy, roof and wall signs. Below is a brief guide on the various types of advertising signs.

What Makes a Sign Commercial?
Signage is usually considered commercial if it has a location, logo, phone number or other business marking. Wall signs with an artistic bent are usually considered murals; projecting signs are those which extend from a building and are targeted at passing foot traffic. Billboards are off-site, roadside signs which are usually much bigger than other business signage. Some businesses even advertise on mobile signs (those attached to vehicles).

Advertising Sign Materials
A sign Kansas City can come in different shapes and sizes, and is hung by different methods. Commercial flags, banners and pennants are often made of paper, plastic or fabric; they’re less permanent in nature and are usually attached to vehicles, buildings and poles with adhesive, rope or nails. Bulletin boards are made of cork or whiteboard, and can easily display announcements or menu items. Freestanding signs are just what they sound like—signs unattached to a structure and usually hung on a metal or wooden frame. Portable signs are made to be moved, and pole signs are supported by an upright buried in the ground. Lighted Signs

Neon signs consist of glass tubes filled with glowing gases, and they’re great for attracting attention. Animated signs can be neon, LCD or LED units which use action to bring attention to a business; beacons project a lighted version of a corporate slogan into the atmosphere. Indirectly-lit signs don’t have their own light source, but directly-lit signs have built-in lighting that is usually placed behind the sign Kansas City.

There are other terms used to describe advertising signs, but many are just different forms of the signs described above. As a business owner, it’s your job to determine the right kind of signage for your business, and to know the laws on business signs in your area.