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The Beauty of Custom Garage Doors

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Home Repair
November 28, 2018

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A garage door often takes up a considerable amount of home frontage. It often adds considerably to the beauty and dignity of a home. Many homeowners simply opt for a standard door. Certainly, standard garage doors meet the basic criteria; they keep your vehicles, garden furniture, and children’s toys safer. However, they add little to the beauty and style of a home. In addition to the esthetics issue, there are other reasons why homeowners are choosing custom garage doors in Westchester NY.

Size and Shape

Volume produced garage doors are made in fixed sizes and styles. Custom made doors are just that; they are produced to suit the size of the opening and to compliment the style of the home. If you own a recreational vehicle that is normally only used in fine summer weather, you may need a door that is extra wide or extra high. If you use your garage to store summer furniture in the winter and snowmobiles in the summer, your garage, and the door, must accommodate these requirements. Custom designed and made garage doors consider your specific needs.

Style and Color

Standard garage doors lack in style, as well as color. Although a plain white overhead or sectional door is acceptable, you may wish to try something different. Custom doors can be anything you want them to be, and the color, the design, and the finish can match perfectly with the exterior of your home.


Standard garage doors are typically made from aluminum or thin sheet metal. Although they are sturdy, they are also very noisy when being opened and closed. When you choose custom garage doors in Westchester NY, the choice of material includes wood, fiberglass, and other composite material. These materials can be painted or stained to achieve the look you desire.

Custom garage doors in Westchester NY add a great deal to the appearance of a home, and, they are of extremely high quality. For your garage door needs, contact Action Lock & Door Company Inc.