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Skylight System Tips

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Home and Garden
June 26, 2012

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There is one form of energy that is absolutely free and available to you throughout the day to harness and that is solar energy. Making use of sunlight to light your home during the day will help you cut costs and play a part in the conservation of natural resources by reducing your energy consumption. Using natural light will also enhance the ambiance of your home.


Skylight systems are unlike artificial light systems. The natural light streaming in through your skylight system will give the room a warm glow and cheer. The skylight will also make your room appear much larger than it actually is. These are therefore a great option for small or cramped spaces.


The position of skylight systems and their orientation play a big role in the distribution of light within the room. You can therefore plan the installation of the system depending on your preferences and activities. You, for example, position the skylight in your bedroom based on the position of your bed. Skylights in family rooms are best positioned in a central location. This gives a classy and vivid appearance to the room.


You can position your skylight, so that it illuminates certain areas in the room more than others do. Skylight systems can produce dramatic effects by this. The effect of having a skylight along the entryway of your home will impress your guests.


If you want to make maximum use of daylight, you will need to establish your position in relation to the sun. If you live in the south, for example, you ought to face your skylights towards the north for optimum sunlight and for the elimination of glare. You will therefore be able to enjoy the sunlight without having to squint or keep dry papers and leaves away.


Vented skylight systems are a great way to make a room airy and spacious. These systems can give your home that balanced spa feeling. Choosing the right shades for the skylight will also play an important role in giving a room that balanced look and feel. The right shades will ensure that the light filtering through is just right (soft or intense) for the season or time of day.


Skylight systems vary in design and size. It is therefore important for you to sit down with your contractor or designer and decide on the best skylight for your home. The choice of skylight will depend on your preferences for lighting control, how you want the light dispersed, and your personal style.


If you are looking for a way to further enhance that natural look that you have already achieved with your skylight system, add a few live potted plants. Green plants will do well in a room illuminated by skylights. Plants will make the room even more airy and relaxed.