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Kiosk machines The Vending Machines of the Future

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Computers
September 27, 2013

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Kiosk machines are a specialized type of computer workstation that contains special hardware that enables person to computer interfacing which provides different types information to users in many different industry applications. These types of kiosks are used for many different things including entertainment, education, communication, and much, much more. It has been shown that kiosk usage, if designed well, promotes brand loyalty as well as brand dispersion, which are both important factors to business owners today.

Information kiosks were created to provide access to different focused applications like a product catalog or services offered by different vendors, etc.

The first thriving groups of kiosk machines were used by a shoe retailer for commercial purposes in 1985. This network of kiosks contained over 600 machines and was used specifically for customers who wanted to buy shoes that were not available at the particular retail location they were at. Size, color and style could be indicated by the customer.

The merging of new age technology and science allows digital kiosks to provide a wide range of services. Today, these types of kiosks are part of everyday life and are seen in places like banks, grocery stores, movie theaters and airports. Typically, the placement of these types of kiosks coincides with high volumes of people. These types of machines enable more service, while decreasing human man power needed on a particular job or at a particular place.  Kiosks have been called lane busters because they speed up processes that used to force consumers to wait in large arduous lines, like at grocery store check-outs.

The first kiosk machine that was connected to the internet was used for locating missing children circa 1995. Since their creation in 1977, kiosks have been disconnected enclosures that recognize certain user input, integrate many applications, contain the ability for remote monitoring, and are used across many different types of industries. Kiosks have been called lane busters because of their ability to speed up processes in many different types of retailers. Many companies specialize in creating multimedia kiosks.

Kiosk machines have created a specialized niche which is giving businesses a new edge. Kiosks also provide businesses with a more economical way to manage time and employees. Kiosks allow employers to move redistribute man power while also streamlining the busiest sections of the business.  This has been shown to work in grocery store checkout lines as well as movie rental businesses.

Kiosk machines are the vending machines of the future, and they will continue to evolve, becoming even more mainstream than they already are.

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