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Installation, Maintenance And Cost Of Solar Panels In Los Angeles

By: Timothy Harvard
Category : Technology and Science
April 17, 2012

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Solar panels in Los Angeles are usually installed on rooftops or as stand-alone facilities. As per sun’s accessibility they can also be installed away from the structure. If you plan to install a residential solar system in your house, it is important to understand the system, cost efficiency, installation and maintenance details. This article provides some basic guidelines on installation, maintenance and cost efficiency.
Installation Of Solar Panels In Los Angeles

The two most important consideration for the installation of solar panels are the accessibility to sun’s rays and not susceptible to any damage or sun blockage from nearby objects like tree branches etc. Find an orientation of the panels that will receive maximum hours of sunlight during the day. Installation kits will have the required equipment to adjust the tilt of the panel.

Flush-mount panels are the least expensive mount of solar panels and are mostly used on rooftops. Roof-ground universal panel mounts provide better flexibility as they can be mounted on the roof top as well as a standalone install. Pole-mount panels are attached to the poles are of two kinds – side-pole or top-pole mounts. Top pole mounts are used for deep placement in the ground and side pole mounts are used to mount the panels to the utility poles.

Apart from the mounts, other components required are the inverter and a battery. It recommended getting the solar systems installed professionally to ensure that you can get maximum performance from your system.

Maintenance Of Solar Panels In Los Angeles

Solar systems are low maintenance systems but they do require maintenance for optimal operation. Solar panels if installed correctly and maintained have a long lifespan. You might need to replace the inverter two times during this time. It is also important for the solar panels to be weatherproof. If not, moisture and other weather elements can cause rust and damage to the panels and render them non-functional.

Make sure to clean the panels regularly to keep the dust, bird droppings and debris away. These can interfere with the ability of the panels to absorb sunlight and result in poor performance. If the wires get chewed by animals like squirrels, it can cause short circuit. Replace the wires if you see such damage during visual inspection.

Cost Efficiency of Solar Panels in Los Angeles

Solar panels and the complete solar system can come with a high initial cost. The lesser costly option is to start smaller and build up gradually and make it modular. Starting as an emergency power generator is a good option and then you can gradually make it an autonomous system. You can also start with a solar water heater that can reduce the need of many additional components. There is also an option to rent or lease these panels.

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