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Give Your Career a Step Up with Clinical Research Training

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Reference and Education
May 9, 2013

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How else are advances in science and technology made but through research? By pursuing a career in research, you are guaranteeing that you will be firmly placed at the forefront of innovation. Clinical research is the heart of technology, and at the center of many industries on the rise, such as biotech and pharma. With Clinical Research Training, you will find yourself becoming equipped with the proper training necessary to succeed in clinical research jobs.


How Will I Be Trained


There are many aspects of research, which is a multi-armed beast. Comprehensive clinical research training will take you through all the steps of thorough research, from dataset analysis, to report generation, to both analysis dataset and report validation, to graph generation, and dataset mergers for PK analysis. Below are more in depth descriptions of courses you will take.


* Analysis Dataset Development: This course will allow you to do what a developer does: develop analysis datasets, which is the first part of clinical trials analytics. You will have to write SAS code within given guidelines and clinical datasets to create analysis datasets from raw clinical data.


* Analysis Dataset Validation: You will do what an independent validator does, which is create your own code and compare the analysis dataset you come up with to the one obtained in the study. You will write your own independent code to validate the data from the given raw clinical datasets and analysis datasets.


* Report Generation: You will use given analysis datasets, mock shells, and given specifications to create your own summary reports and listings to interpret the data and make inferences from the statistics and clinical data.


* Report Validation: As with analysis datasets, reports must be validated. In this course, you will do what an independent report validator hired by a study does: write code from given analysis datasets and RTF (Rich Text Format) Reports.


* Graph Generation: In this course, you will be given analysis to create your own graphs. They are helpful for the regulatory officials who will read your report, because they will be able to see broad trends of data from the graph.


* Merging of Datasets for PK Analysis: You will have to create a PK analysis dataset, based on the raw PK datasets and clinical datasets.


With these skills, you will be equipped for clinical research training!

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