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Get True Value When Selling Your Old Jewelry

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Shopping
June 8, 2012

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Selling gold can be a surprisingly difficult process; it can also be surprisingly easy, if you find the right Dallas gold buyers. Gold is a highly valued mineral, yet it can be hard to know which Dallas gold buyers to go with. One of the problems is that often people feel guilty selling gold, as it’s usually jewelry that was originally a token of sentiment. Few people are lucky enough to buy something with a substantial amount of gold “just because.” The other route to acquisition is inheritance, which may also render feelings of guilt when considering selling it. In either case, remember that the memories are what made the piece valuable, not the item itself.  That, and often the inherited jewelry is a combination of a few things with sentimental value, and are maybe 40- or 50-year-old pieces worn for parties and social events that may not have been worn since. In other words, they may not carry any real sentimentality, and in all honesty, the person it once belonged to would most likely be happier knowing you used their things to take care of your own needs than preserving their things just on principle.  So once you’ve made the decision to sell your gold and jewelry, you need to find reputable Dallas gold buyers. In some cities, you have more options than others.  If you’re in a city like Dallas -- or even within a reasonably short drive of a large place -- it’s in your best interests to price hunt first.

Regardless of the sentimentality you may or may not feel towards the piece, you want to find the Dallas gold buyers who will give you the best price. In a large market like Dallas, it can be hard to physically visit every store, and if you haven’t done your due diligence, you may not get the very best price. The way to avoid the high cost of price shopping is to use the Internet. Even if you can’t appraise a piece online, you can get a feel for how the company does business, get their contact information, learn something about their reputation, and perhaps get a ball park idea of your jewelry’s worth at each store, establishing something of a rapport with the different people along the way.  Dallas gold buyers will have a lot to teach you, so you can benefit from their wisdom, and in a crowded market like Dallas, you’re less likely to get someone vastly underselling you just due to the competition. Rather, because of the density of gold buying firms, you might be able to find someone in a situation where they’re more willing to give you a great price.

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