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Choosing A Photo Booth Rental For Your Next Event

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Photography
May 15, 2013

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Hosting a large event can cause a lot of stress and worry in your life.  Between locating a suitable venue, hiring a photographer, and getting all of the food prepared there is so much to do and the process can quickly become vexing.  There’s also the matter of entertaining all of those guests who will be attending your party.  One option that many people turn to in order to solve this dilemma is a photo booth rental.  Renting a photo booth is a fun and relatively cheap way to let guests entertain themselves at your event, and with so many options available you are sure to find one that works for you.

Traditional Choices

The classic photo booth is enclosed with a hood and a curtain that allows for the privacy of whoever is inside.  This might be a good option if you think that there will be a lot of couples at your event who will want their picture together, as it is unlikely they will want to share their intimate photo session with dozens of other people.  Another advantage of this type of photo booth rental is that due to its enclosed nature it can be placed anywhere, even outside, and still take quality pictures.  There are also open photo booths that allow for larger groups to have their pictures taken.  These are great for getting the whole wedding party in for a shot, but depending on the location you might have to make special lighting accommodations to get good pictures.

Fun Styles

With today’s modern technology there are several advanced photo booth rentals that were not available in years past. Many of these offer fun and artistic features that will give your guests a unique keepsake when they leave the party. For instance, some photo booths can convert the photograph into an artist-style sketch. Others allow the user to add colorful borders and images to the pictures and may even allow them to print off the pic