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Caring for Your Diamond Jewelry, Find Near Chicago

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Jewelry
February 21, 2019

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If you have diamond jewelry, you must make sure that you are caring for it. Buying diamonds jeweler in Chicago is an investment, and the best way to get the most out of this type of investment is to make sure that it stays in excellent shape. Here are some diamond care tips:

Protect Your Diamond

It is important that you protect your diamond from substances like residue, oil, and grease. So, when you do things like washing the dishes or even take a bath or shower, you should remove your diamond jewelry. You should also remove your diamonds if you work around chemicals.

When storing your diamond, make sure you place it in a protective case, preferably one that is lined with velvet. You should also keep your diamond away from other jewelry; the diamond can scratch other gemstones, and other jewelry could harm the setting of the diamond. You should especially make sure that your diamond is secure and safe when you travel.

Cleaning Diamonds

Every so often, you must clean your diamonds. You can use some type of commercial diamond cleaner, or you can use a mixture of ammonia and cold water. Either way, to get between the prongs, you can use a small, soft brush, such as an eyebrow brush. Also, use care when cleaning a diamond over the sink, as many times, people lose their jewelry down the drain. Always close the drain before cleaning a diamond. You should also take care not to touch your diamond, as even the oil from your skin can make it look dull. Instead, touch the jewelry by the setting. Finally, when you dry your diamond, use a towel that is lint free.

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