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Can your Defense Law Firm help you with Bailbonds?

By: Alex
Category : Legal
April 9, 2012

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If you are arrested or a loved one is arrested, you would not wish to spend time in jail or have your loved one spend time in jail. The court will usually give you the opportunity to pay bail. By granting bail the court can be assured that the accused will make an appearance at future appointed court dates. The amount will generally not be accepted through personal check or credit card. Only cash or cashier’s check for the full amount will be accepted. The full amount can also be paid in the form of US Treasury funds. The court can make special accommodations for the payment of the bail using property as collateral. This alternative option needs the advice from an attorney or court clerk to devise how it can be affected. The courts are specific about the arbitration for paying bail using property as collateral.

As arranging for a large sum of money on short notice is sometimes impossible, many individuals seek the help of a bailbonds company that will post the sum on behalf of the accused. The bailbonds company or agent usually charges a 10% fee on the amount as a charge. Once the accused makes his or her appearance in future court dates, the court will refund the bail amount to the party. The agency will take back the amount that they had paid on behalf of the accused, and retain the 10% (or other negotiated percentage) of the amount as a fee.

The convenience of using bailbonds services is that the agents are ready to pay the bail money any time of the day, 7 days a week. For serious crimes, amounts can be very high. The sum depends on the personal opinion of the judge. If the accused has prior criminal record, the bail demanded by the courts can be a very large amount. Only bailbonds agencies can provide such large amounts of money on short notice.

Bailbonds services can also be provided by defense lawyers. When the bailbonds services are provided by the defense attorney, the bond fee can be attached to the legal fee. The law firm can then go on to represent the accused as their defense. The accused can use a defense law firm to get out of jail and also as representation in the future court hearings of the case. When you need to get out of jail fast you can ask your law firm for putting up bailbonds. Fort Worth residents can request the services from their defense representatives.

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