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Benefits of the Electric Cigarette

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Technology and Science
April 10, 2012

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The electric cigarette is designed to provide the appearance, sensation and flavor of smoking. They look and work like regular cigarettes, but without the odor and thousands of dangerous chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new product that is continuing to grow in popularity, as more smokers want to avoid the chemicals in cigarettes and more places are banning smoking in public.

An electronic cigarette contains a cartridge with liquid nicotine, water and a glycerin base. The cartridges contain a liquid that is vaporized to create a mist that can be inhaled. It works similar to how a nebulizer creates a vapor with asthma medicines. The vapor is inhaled, as you would with a regular cigarette, but the vapor evaporates almost instantly.

This quick dispersing vapor is less offensive than regular cigarette smoke. There is no noxious cloud around your head when you smoke an electronic cigarette. People using the electric cigarette experience fewer complaints from the people around them and an electric cigarette can use anywhere, even in many places where smoking a regular cigarette is banned.

A major concern for smokers and reason people try to quit is the health risks associated with smoking. The concern about the health effects of smoking is another benefit to the electric cigarette. Regular tobacco smoke contains tar and thousands of dangerous chemicals that are not present in the vapor emitted by an electric cigarette.

They are available in several styles available in an electric cigarette, including products that resemble a traditional cigarette, cigar and pipe designs. The traditional cigarette design is the most popular design for the electric cigarette. It provides the feeling, taste and sensation of smoking that satisfies smokers interested in cutting down tobacco use.

An electric cigarette is about the size of a magic marker and looks like a regular cigarette. There are disposable and reusable electronic cigarettes available. Disposables are good when you are on the go and want the convenience of using the cigarette and disposing of it when you are finished. Reusable cigarettes can be refilled and used again. The reusable kit has cartridges that can be replaced or refilled and a battery that can be charged with home, USB, or car chargers.

The electric cigarette is available online for an affordable price from Cigarettes America. You can find electronic cigarettes, cartridges, e-liquids for refilling cartridges in several flavors and accessories for your electric cigarette. Browse their website to find the quality products you need at competitive prices.

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Electric Cigarette

Electric Cigarette