Basic Steps to Obtaining a Residential Building Permit in Hollywood FL

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Construction and Maintenance

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Your Florida property belongs to you and you can do whatever you want with it… within reason, of course. Laws and regulations are written to protect us all. For example, you probably wouldn’t appreciate it if your neighbor could put up a 20-foot fence between his property and yours. It would be excessive and create a public nuisance. Laws concerning property are also created to keep us safe. Building permits are often required before making even seemingly small home improvements. The process to obtain a residential building permit may be tedious, yet it’s reasonable and worthwhile in the long run.

When obtaining a Residential Building Permit Hollywood FL, you should be aware that there are many time-consuming steps involved. If you plan on doing all the work yourself to get your building permit, it will almost be like having a temporary second job. First, you have to determine the proper building authorities to contact. It may take several calls just to figure out who you need to talk to. Depending on the nature of your building project, you may need to gain approval not only from local authorities, but on the county, state, and even federal level.

Second, you will need to be prepared to answer a lot of detailed questions concerning your building proposal. You will need to be able to answer more than simply, “What are you planning to build and how big is it going to be?” There is a good possibility that you will have to do extra research and learn some technical jargon. Next, you will need to provide a diagram or blueprint of your property documenting the size and proximity of the existing and proposed structures. You must include structures such as wells and septic tanks, showing their distance from one another and from the house. This is a particularly intimidating step of the building permit process. Many people can barely draw a stick figure, much less do they want to draft a document with legal ramifications.

Fortunately, if you need a Residential Building Permit Hollywood FL, it is not required that you do all the work yourself. There are professional agencies to whom you can entrust the job. This is a viable option if you do not have a lot of spare time or lack the technical knowledge and skill required to contact the proper authorities and complete all the required documentation.