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Buy Pressure Washer Parts Chicago
By: Teresaal Dridge
Posted on : February 7, 2019   Views : 1094


Founded more than 40 years ago, High PSI is a company that was ahead of its time. Tim Layden and Karen Layden started the business after hearing about a new piece of equipment called a pressure washer. Rightly believing it to be the future of cleaning, the Layden’s took a risk and investment. High PSI began as a door-to-door type business that grew quickly. The couple quit their regular jobs to sell their new product. A few years later, the company’s profits were big enough for them to start hiring employees and move into a space dedicated to pressure washers.

Today, High PSI continues to sell specialty pressure washers and pressure washer parts in Chicago. The company also provides accessories like hydra-flex nozzles, hoses and wands. From High PSI, you can order undercarriage cleaners and detergents including degreasers and cleanser formulated for vehicles. The pressure washer specialists also offer trailers that you can customize as well as vacuum and recovery systems. These systems help you stay compliant with federal and state regulations. Most areas have a no discharge requirement in place. This means that you’ll need a recovery system. The ones offered by High PSI are of the mobile variety. They can help you select a system based on your needs.

Through High PSI, maintenance programs are available. If you sign up for one of these, then the company will check the pump pressure and volume of your equipment along with the belt tension and its wear. Technicians will even assess your unit’s soap control system and make sure that the hose is operating at full capacity.

High PSI is a leading provider of pressure washers, vacuum and recovery systems and customizable equipment. The company is a full-service operation since it offers maintenance plans and has pressure washer parts in Chicago available. Visit the website for more information or contact High PSI today.