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For a Spa Experience with a Difference, Contact Professionals in Chicago
By: Teresaal Dridge
Posted on : March 29, 2018   Views : 751

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation now and then. What can be more relaxing than a massage? Perhaps leaving your spa in the knowledge that not only do you feel like a million dollars – you also look it, too! A professional spa can offer not only customized massage treatments to suit your own specific needs, but specialist skin care services too, so that you can combine facials and massages in any way that you choose. 

Spa Services

Expert and highly-trained staff at spas in the Chicago area save you precious time and money by offering a variety of different treatments that can be tailored to your requirements. There are a variety of different massage styles available from qualified massage therapists, so you can be sure that you\'re in good hands. After your massage, you can head for your facial, and with a huge range of different facials available for all skin types, you can be sure of finding the right treatment for you.


There are some different massage techniques out there, so your massage therapist can discuss with you which one is best for your condition. Swedish massages, for example, employ a variety of techniques to increase your blood\'s circulation and oxygen flow, ultimately aiming to gently relieve sore joints and any points of tension. By contrast, a Thai massage is a little more active as your therapist moves you into series of static, yoga-like stretches to compress certain muscle groups and mobilize stiff joints. You can choose a mild, moderate, or strong touch depending on how deep you want to get into the muscle tissues. This type of massage is excellent for relieving stress, focusing your mind, and improving energy and circulation.

If you\'re looking for the authentic spa experience with a few extras thrown in, head to LillieAnn\'s Massage and Skin Care Spa in Chicago.

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