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The Very Popular Cuban guayabera
By: Alex
Posted on : July 22, 2013   Views : 2753

One of the most copied garments in the world is the guayabera style of shirt. Some believe the shirt is a mixture of native American and Spanish wear. Others, believe the shirt originated in Cuba. Cuban legend tells of a poor woman who sewed large pockets on her husband\\\'s shirts, for carrying guava (guayabas) from the field. Guayabera may have originated from the word yayabero, a nickname for people who live near the Yayabo River in Cuba.


You may have heard it called a Havana shirt, cigar shirt or barbershop shirt. The Cuban guayabera is made from cotton and has a cool, open neck. There\\\'s usually two to four pockets on it. And, there\\\'s some embroidery running down the front or back. This casual shirt is seldom worn tucked in. The shirts are frequently 100% cotton or 100% linen.


The Cuban guayabera became popular in the U.S, in the 70\\\'s. Cuban exiles started manufacturing the shirts in Miami, and they quickly became a fashion hit. In the 50\\\'s, the guayabera was worn by older men. Retro clothing is in style and consumers of all ages are wearing the shirts. Miami is a hot spot for culture and film. And, guayaberas are typically worn by the actors. The shirts are also popular for destination weddings and the beach. In warmer climates, the shirts are acceptable for the office.


Some version of this classic shirt is worn all over the world. Traditionally worn in white and pastels, guayaberas are now available in many colors. Mexican men prefer black guayaberas with long sleeves and french cuffs. In Zimbabwe and Britain, the guayabera is known as a \\\"safari shirt.\\\" The style was brought to Zimbabwe by Cuban missionaries. Jamaicans call it a bush jacket. Three years ago, Cuba named the guayabera its \\\"official formal dress garment.\\\" The shirts are also popular with clergy members. Many clerics buy guayaberas and have the collars re-tailored into clery collars. You won\\\'t meet many people who haven\\\'t seen a guayabera. The shirts are sold every summer in U.S. department stores, with matching pants. No matter what the origin, it makes a cool, comfortable summer outfit.


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