How to Pay Implant Dentists
By: Teresaal Dridge
Posted on : February 28, 2019  Views : 541



If you’re researching implant dentists near Hoffman Estates, referred to as prosthodontists, in your area, you have likely wondered if your insurance plan covers implants. In Hoffman Estate and Schaumburg, you have solid options for dental implants. Maybe you\'re wondering if insurance should be the main factor to consider when choosing a clinic. Visit EON Clinics in Hoffman Estates for a great selection of financing options and schedule a consultation to review if and how you can take advantage of your insurance for the procedure. Residents near Hoffman Estates often learn about the cost of implants and wonder to what extent or if insurance covers it. While it may seem like a yes or no question, it’s not so simple. Implant surgery coverage depends on many factors, such as whether dental or medical insurance is applied or if both options can be applied. It also depends on your provider, annual plan limits, and coverage details. If you worry about insurance coverage, you can talk to your clinic to find out for sure. You may also want to call your insurance company, as well.


In most cases, private insurance will reimburse a portion of your procedure, though they aren’t likely to pay for all of it. Medicare, Medicaid, and other state or county insurance options do not cover dental implants. Sometimes, private dental insurance might cover aspects of the procedure, including tooth extractions, bone grafting, or anesthesia. Sometimes, they might cover a large portion. In short, you should call your insurance provider and ask them directly. Otherwise, you can talk to one of our treatment coordinators during a free consultation.

Let Them Call

If you want to use your dental insurance to cover the implantation procedure, the receptionist at your dental implant clinic can contact your provider during the consultation and ask if implants are covered. However, in almost all cases, your coverage comes as a reimbursement; this means that you must pay for the procedure out of your pocket and receive a reimbursement check later from the insurance company.

Ways to Pay

Regardless of whether or not you will get reimbursed, you have many payment options for implants. You can use any major debit or credit card, or you can use a personal, certified, or cashier’s check. If your insurance plan comes with Health Savings Account (HSA), sometimes called flex spending, that can also be used to pay for the implants. Financing may also be an option. You can get a loan from your personal banking institution, but many implant specialists like EON Clinics offer financing options, as well. It can be in your best interest to get financing; when you get your reimbursement money from your insurance company (if it provides any), you can use that to pay off most of the loan.

Get Your Smile First

Using financing options can be beneficial, since you will have your new smile first - before having to make any payments.

Keep in mind that , you must first qualify for financing, which means the lending institution is going to check your income and credit score and history. You can talk to the treatment coordinator and receptionist during your free consultation about monthly repayment options. You can also determine which financing companies your clinic primarily works with, giving you a better idea of where to go for financial assistance.

Prosthodontists understand how expensive implants can be, which is why they offer financing and work with your insurance company. Visit EON Clinics near Hoffman Estates, as they help patients in Elgin, Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, Palatine, and Hoffman Estates.