What Are the Lives of Christian Women Like?
By: Teresaal Dridge
Posted on : January 2, 2019  Views : 3929


The lives of Christian women are never just one thing or one way. Modern Christianity recognizes that everyone has a different purpose and that although a group of worshipers may not agree on Biblical doctrine, they will all believe that Scriptures (Old and New Testament) are the inspired Word of God. These will be the authority in both faith and practice.

So, the life of a Christian woman is going to be shaped by the Word of God, but also by how God has decided to use her as a disciple. For many, that means that they are active within their church community – a community of people bound together by God’s purpose and calling. Whether it is in ministry, working with the children or teens in a community or simply attending and participating in church services, a Christian woman is part of her community and expresses her faith through it, and her support of it.

Discovering Purpose
Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about the lives of Christian women is that they will discover their purpose in life through their faith. A Christian woman is going to see her purpose in two ways: As being and doing what God intends for her to be and do. In essence, that means:

• Doing what God asks her to do in her community, church ,and family
• Being Christ-like and doing the work God designed all Christians to do as followers of Jesus – becoming like him in all words, thoughts ,and actions

Of course, all Christians practice active prayer ,and many Christian women enjoy daily prayer to meditate on Scripture ,and understand God’s purpose for her, specifically, with more clarity. However, modern Christian women understand that their prayer and personal discovery cannot happen in a vacuum, and so they must be a part of their community – a church community and the world outside of the church.

This can seem quite demanding in the modern world, but modern churches have adapted. They have websites, apps, televised or broadcast services, and scores of ways for a Christian woman to interact with others in her faith and reach out to the world. Many also have prayer groups, Bible studies, events, and more. And it is important to remember that a Christian woman lives her faith, so she can also create Christian community anywhere – book groups, luncheons with friends, at the gym, and more!

If you are eager to learn more about a modern Christian woman’s life, explore the many amazing resources available from Southpoint Community Church.