Easing Your Separation Anxiety When You Have to Board Your Dog
By: Teresaal Dridge
Posted on : September 29, 2018  Views : 127

Leaving your furry friend behind is never easy, but sometimes work or unexpected circumstances make it a necessity. At K9 Resorts in Fanwood, we know that separation anxiety is real for you and your pet, and we go to great lengths to make sure you both feel comfortable in your pet boarding experience. Your dog is in good hands at K9 Resorts, but if you are still feeling anxious after drop off, try a few of these coping techniques.

Test Visit

Stop by for a visit with your dog before departure day. That way the puppy will be familiar with the building when it is time to leave him there. When he is feeling less anxious, you will be feeling less anxious. Also, you will have peace of mind if you can see your dog interacting positively with the staff and the pet boarding facility.

Keep to the Routine

You will stress your good boy out if you change up your routine due to guilt about your upcoming trip. Extra affection and extra trips to the park may seem like you are making things up to him, but in the long run, it isn’t a healthy way to react and will only cause stress on you both.

Think of the Adventure

Your dog loves you, but you know what else they love? Running with the pack. This time apart is a mini-vacation at the pet resort for your pup. She will be running around making new friends and enjoying the company of other dogs.

K9 Resorts

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