Add to Your Wedding Decor with Custom Wine Labels
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : August 20, 2013  Views : 55506

Getting married is one of the most exciting times of your life. You get to make all of those decisions, reserved for the bride; picking out the dress, cake, flowers, place settings, food menu and every last detail of your big day. Every piece of décor is somehow incorporated into your theme and you want the day to be one your guests will remember for years to come. From your invitations to the bridal bouquet and everything in between you get to put your opinion and design sense into every last item your guests will see and use on your magical day. Wine has been a staple at weddings for centuries and you can put your touch on this mainstay as well with wedding wine labels.

Label Ideas

Put your personal ideas onto your wine label and make each bottle a piece of the décor at your wedding. First you need to create or pick out a design that matches the rest of your décor. You can make the labels match your invitations, cake colors, decorations or simply include an elegant design separate but equal to the rest of the décor. Chevron, floral prints and hearts with wedding bells are all popular wedding label ideas that you can incorporate into your label. When you have chosen your design, you can personalize your label to include any text you wish. Put the names of the bride and groom, your favorite quote or something simple like “Love is Forever”.

Design and Décor

One you have adhered all of the labels to the wine bottles there a few ideas to keep in mind. You can simply have the servers carry them and pour the wine for your guests, or you can make them the centerpiece certain areas. A nice place setting idea is to include a bucket of ice on or beside each table with your custom wine bottle sitting inside. For added measure you can attach ribbon around the neck and curl it, or stick a few flowers into the bucket. If you have a bar at your wedding you can also hang a few empty bottles behind the bar for people to see as they order their drinks.


You can also personalize the wine bottles for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to take home, as a token of your appreciation. Take a few bottles home with you and use them as vases or integrate them into the design of your home. This way you will always have something special displayed from your big day. offers wedding wine labels starting at just .99 a piece. They have an expansive inventory to choose from and personalize. Get started today!