How Do You Feel about Vegetarian Makeup?
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : August 1, 2013  Views : 81746

Vegetarian makeup is not really a new invention. Ancient Egyptians used tree leaves to color their lips along with other natural makeup products. Even though it is not new, you may not have heard much about vegan makeup products. This is because many of the biggest cosmetic companies do not want you to know that they are using animal products in their cosmetic lines. You have to make the choice of how you feel about this and if you prefer using vegan makeup over cosmetics made with animal products.

You may be wondering what exactly vegetarian makeup is – it is simply this – a cosmetic product that contains absolutely no animal products. Not only does vegan makeup not contain animal products; it has also not been tested on any animals. If you are concerned about using animal products in makeup, you should opt for an all-natural cosmetic line. You can find all-natural cosmetic companies who sell their products online. This makes it easy for you to shop and buy your cosmetics from the comfort of your own home.

It is not always easy to spot animal products in makeup unless you have a keen eye for ingredients. The names do not reveal that the ingredient is an animal product. One example of this is carmine. From the name carmine, you would not guess that this is ground up bugs. Yes, that is right – ground up bugs. Carmine is a red-coloring that is commonly used in lipsticks or rouges.  If you would rather not wear bugs on your face, do not use any makeup with the ingredient “carmine” listed.

You can feel good about using vegetarian makeup because it does not contain animal products and is not tested on animals. There is also another consideration when deciding how you feel about vegan cosmetics. Vegan makeup is made from all-natural compounds such as plant oils. There is nothing in these cosmetics that will harm your skin or your face. Your skin will truly feel healthier and look its best when you are using an all-natural vegan cosmetic product line.

The choice of how you feel about vegetarian makeup is of course, up to you. If you find that you prefer all-natural makeup to cosmetics made with animal products, you should seek out a reputable company where you can purchase vegan makeup products. Vegetarian cosmetics do not cost more and are readily available for purchase from online all-natural cosmetic companies. If you have questions, you can call and speak with a representative who will explain to you the benefits of vegan makeup.

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