What Tasks is a Computer Technician Responsible For
By: Timothy Harvard
Posted on : June 20, 2013  Views : 265

A computer tech in NJ has all the skills necessary to install, maintain and troubleshoot many different computer systems. There are technician who focus on notebook computers just as there are technicians that focus on huge main frame computers. The specific duties that are assigned to a computer tech have a lot to do with the training and experience he or she may have on a specific task, and these duties are in a state of flux because the hardware, operating systems and software change frequently. Some techs are specialists on networks, others on servers and still others who provide user support.

Repair tech:

A computer tech in NJ that focuses on repairs are trained in the hardware aspect of the machine, what the problems can be and how to deal with them. This tech must also be familiar with software and peripherals and know how to replace a broken part or to reset the software that drives it. There are repair techs that work directly for “big box” stores but most of them have a tendency to work in a business which solely focuses on repairing computers.

Network tech:

A network tech is responsible for establishing and maintaining a computer network, the responsibility is for both the hardware and software. The normal work of a network tech is to monitor the network, install any new software or patches, reallocate resources as necessary and manage the peripherals attached to the network. The network tech will also be the individual who sets up internet connections and firewalls.

Help desk:

Many manufacturers of computers, devices and software have competent personnel who take calls from people who have purchased their particular product. These techs have to be fully familiar with the products as well as computers and software in general and how they are employed in real life situations. As this computer tech in NJ is on the end of a phone line, it is not possible to make physical repairs but they are capable of troubleshooting software and network settings and they know when the machine must be physically serviced by an outside tech. Most help desk personnel work on the company’s premises but they can work in a dedicated outsourcing call center.

A businessman is usually focused on keeping the business running smooth and efficiently. Computers are an integral part of every business and when they fail, a competent computer tech in NJ is an absolute necessity. Call Toni’s Techs for competent computer repair and service.