A Few Things You Must Know About Dog Boarding in NYC
By: Alex
Posted on : April 19, 2013  Views : 3845

So, you finally decided to take a break from your hectic schedule and drive to New York City with your friends. But of course, you can\\\'t leave your lovely little pooch back at home while you\\\'re gone. At the same time, you also think about how you can have fun in NYC while taking care of your dog.


Many NYC travelers have the same predicament like you do but due to frequent trips to New York City, they found the best solution. A solution that will allow them to enjoy their trip while making sure their pets are well taken care of. That solution is called Dog Walker NYC and that is exactly what you need to plan for before heading to the Big Apple.


Things to Know About New York City Dog Boarding


You can get a decent amount of information about the dog boarding facility on its website but nothing beats visiting the place and talking to the people there. So before you leave your adorable pet, check the place out. Here are some of the things you should know about dog boarding in NYC:


     *    Ask for a tour once you\\\'re there.


Check if the boarding place is organized, clean and neat. Check the cages if your dog will fit perfectly in it. If you don\\\'t like to leave your pooch inside a cage while you\\\'re gone, go for upscale boarding like pet hotels. These places offer dog rooms with beds and toys.


    *    Ask the owners if dog interaction is allowed, that is, if you want your dog playing with other dogs as well.


However, if the boarding facility allows dog interaction, a trained attendant should keep an eye out for the dogs. Ask about the dog playtime policies and protocol.


     *    There is always a risk when leaving your dog in a boarding facility which is why you should be wise in choosing one.


Pick a boarding facility that will monitor that daily habit of the dogs including water intake, urination, defecation and food intake.


The cost for dog boarding in NYC will vary depending on the facility as well as the services you get. Boarding facilities also offer dog walking and dog sitting if you need it. It will be wise to get a clear estimate before choosing where to leave your dog. Also, make reservations if you must, to make sure your dog has a slot in the boarding facility.

New York Tails is a licensed dog boarding service provider in New York City. It has been serving NYC customers since 2002. To know more about their services, visit http://www.nytails.com.