Why Many People Choose Cremation over a Traditional Burial
By: Alex
Posted on : March 29, 2013  Views : 2052

To many people the idea of cremation may seem odd or distasteful. However, others simply believe that when the body is burned, it is completely purified before it moves on to heaven. It is really a matter of personal preference, but it is a completely acceptable way of dealing with your loved ones death. It is also a way to know that they will always be with you, since you will receive their ashes back after the cremation process.


Understanding What Cremation Is
Cremation has been used for thousands of years as a way to take care of the deceased. Many ancient cultures burned the bodies of their loved ones to send them to the heavens of their particular religions. Cremation is much more affordable than what a traditional burial is, which is why many people choose this option. There are many Cremation services in Houston that will be able to make the arrangements for you. Whether you are preplanning your own funeral arrangements, or making arrangements for your loved one who has passed on, you will find that the process is quite easy with the help of a qualified funeral director. Although considering the environment when paying your respects to a loved one may seem insignificant at the time, Cremation is much better for the environment than what traditional burial is. The burial of bodies is hard on the environment. Mass amounts of land are used up for burials each year, and the chemicals that are used during the embalming process are dangerous for the environment. Although you will not have a gravestone if a cremation is performed, other measures can be taken. You could put a memorial stone up at your loved ones favorite place, or you could spread their ashes wherever you think they would have liked.


Cremation as a Cheaper Alternative
Even though cremation is a more affordable alternative to traditional burial, you can’t factor money into your decision. You need to make the decision based on what your true feelings are, and what you believe your loved one would have wanted. If you don’t go with your heart to make the decision, then you could end up regretting it in the future. If your loved one preplanned their funeral arrangements, then you won’t have quite so much to deal with. If they didn’t then it will be solely up to you to determine what they might have wanted. Some people put in their will what they want their final arrangements to be, so even if they didn’t preplan their funeral arrangements, you should check with their attorney to make sure nothing about their last directives is listed in their will.

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