Trade and Industrial Education Career Streams Offered
By: Phineas Gray
Posted on : April 10, 2012  Views : 19792

According to the National Education Survey of 1997, the trade and industrial segment had employed more than 20 percent of total work force. The same survey repeated in 2007 found a 100 percent increase the employment figures, where Trade and Industrial Education accounted for more than 40 percent of all jobs related to vocational education. To choose a career stream, each student should know what lies in each of the career clusters.
Career Streams under Trade and Industrial Education
The US Department of Education has divided the Trade and Industrial Education into eight career streams on the basis of similar industry needs and matching skill sets.
1. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources: This section of Trade and Industrial Education deals with horticulture and agriculture. The curriculum includes a wide range of topics, ranging from seed development, farming, irrigation and harvesting, to industrial processing and managing agricultural supply chains.

2. Architecture and Construction: A very wide section that ranges from temperature monitoring, carpentry, construction, electronics to masonry. Apart from being the widest sub-class of technical education, it also employs the most number of students in the mentioned sectors.

3. Arts, A/V Technology and Communications: This sub-category deals with commercial and graphical arts, photography, and printing and communication technology. Entertainment production is one of the largest areas under this domain.

4. Human Services: The basics of personal care industry are also taught as a part of technical education. Although the industry is small in terms of the number of students employed, the per worker revenue from this segment is one of the highest amongst all sectors of the economy.

5. Information Technology: One of the widest and most popular Trade and Industrial Education streams, Information Technology can be further sub-divided into networking and development. The hardware industry is also a part of this segment, where most of the work is technical in nature.

6. Law, Public Safety and Security: This is a highly intellectual and challenging field where a student needs to learn about laws, rules and regulations. This segment is also sought by those who want to make a career in public administration and management.

7. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Trade and Industrial Education for those who want to take up physics, chemistry or biology and other forms of life-sciences and geo-sciences. Apart from a high level of academic dedication, this sub-segment also involves lot of research.

8. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics: An extended form of engineering, this segment of Trade and Industrial Education, deals with mechanics, automotive technology and power mechanics, certain curriculum would also place marine operations under this class.

If you know what field you want to pursue a career in , you can choose the right curriculum and course material to ensure success.

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