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How to make a personalized TShirt

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Shopping
September 27, 2013

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Depending on what you want and what you have available, there are a number of ways to make a cool custom T-Shirt. One really easy way is to use wholesale iron on transfers, another way that is commonly used is somewhat similar, but the transfers are made at home with the aid of a computer and iron on transfer paper that can be purchased in any stationery store. For those who are limited with their equipment, you can customize a T-Shirt with little more than a handful of permanent markers and a lot of imagination. Couple this with some sew on patches and you have a very custom shirt.


A custom T-Shirt is any T that is different than the way it was purchased. In most cases they all start with a plain white T or any color that suits the occasion. In many cases the basic T is purchased in a color that represents a favorite sports team and then a unique design is applied. Many people love to prepare custom T’s for a special event, maybe a bachelor party or a wedding shower. In cases like this where there is more than one shirt with the identical design; people often send their design in to a company that makes wholesale iron on transfers. When the transfers arrive it is a simple task to finish the job, just iron the transfer to the front or back of the shirt.


There is little doubt that the easiest way to make a personalized T is to create an image and have it printed onto the shirt. With current technology, this is not a problem. Using a computer program that allows the user to create graphics, simply make the design and print it onto iron on transfer paper using nothing more than a basic ink jet printer. Once the image has been printed it is easy to transfer it to the T, just apply heat and pressure with a household iron and it’s done. The nice thing is; the design can be repeated on as many shirts as you like just by printing additional copies.


A method which is superior to DIY printing is to have it done by a professional, it may be a little more expensive but the quality is always better and the finished product is more durable.

If you are an artist, create your own design and send it to Gulfside Heat Transfers. If you’re not artistically inclined, don’t worry, the people at Gulfside can help you create the wholesale iron on transfers you need for your business.