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Advantages of Using a Bail Bond Service in Inverness

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Legal
November 8, 2018

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A lot of people have misconceptions regarding the standard service provided by bail bond agents. Most of the information that they have about this service comes from TV shows and advertisements. However, many of these portray bail bonds in a very different light than what actually happens. In fact, there are some pretty obvious advantages that you get for using a bail bond service in Inverness. Here are some of the many advantages that bail bond agents provide to their clients.


Release from Jail

There are several options available to the accused in order to get released from jail. The first is on the basis of personal recognizance, where the authorities will demand the accused to undergo a pretrial release program. Another option is to post cash bail, where the full amount of the bail is paid to the courts. The third is on the basis of a surety bail, which can be provided by a reputable bail bond service such as Zona Long Bails Bonds Citrus. Basically, the surety bond means that the bail bond company has provided surety that you will attend all of your hearings.


It Saves Money

  It’s often quite difficult for the accused to come up with the amount of money that is set as bail. However, if you approach a bail bond service company, they are going to post a bail bond in the courts that is considerably less than the actual cash bail set by the courts. After all, it’s obviously much easier to come up with $1,000 as a surety bond when compared with a $10,000 cash bail. These are just some of the major advantages that you get for contacting a bail bond agent.