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3 Reasons Biosolids Dewatering Systems Save Businesses Money

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Business
October 11, 2018

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As a business owner, finding ways to save money and lower the cost of doing business is always important. For processing and production facilities producing wastewater through their systems, choosing to invest in quality biosolids dewatering systems can save money and even earn income.

Save on Waste Disposal Costs

For companies producing waste slurry or liquid disposable waste which cannot be routed in the sewer systems, choosing to bring in a biosolids dewatering system helps to reduce the cost of overall disposal. There are different options, types, and sizes in dewatering systems, so it is important to shop around and compare.

Through the dewatering process, the heavy water is removed from the solids in the specially designed roll-off tank. When the water is removed, the amount of biosolid is relatively light, resulting in a lower overall cost of disposal as the process is much less frequent. The water from quality dewatering systems can pass the test to be integrated into the sewer system, which makes it a highly effective process.

Manage Your Own Costs

Owning your own biosolids dewatering system and using your own roll-off trucks is another way to completely manage the cost of this process. Depending on the type of biosolids that are produced, the resulting residual mixture may be a source of income for the business if it can be safely used for fertilizer or other types of landfill requirements in your area.

Earn Income From Surrounding Businesses

Finally, a company can actually make money from having a dewatering system on location. Purchasing a larger than required system gives your business the opportunity to process the wastewater of other surrounding companies. In industrial and processing areas this can be a significant source of passive income,  quickly covering the cost of the dewatering system and even the cost of the biosolids disposal.