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Types of Stress Put on Auto Glass in Chicago

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Automobiles
July 27, 2020

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We often underestimate the importance and fragility of our auto glass in Chicago. Auto glass is made to be tough but it is when it starts getting chips or cracks in it that it is put at extreme risk. The smallest things can make a huge crack out of a tiny chip if you are not careful. Glass is a temperamental thing and can be affected by almost anything, including the weather. Glass is at its strongest when it is undamaged. Allowing tiny damages to go unfixed is playing with fire.

Driving stress and auto glass in Chicago

If you often drive on bumpy terrain, you want to make sure that any damage to your auto glass in Chicago is seen to immediately. Diving over potholes, bumps, and even uneven terrain will put extra pressure on the edges of a chip by jostling the entire car. This is the most common way for a small chip to turn into a very serious crack. You do not even have to fatigue your car over serious bumps for this to occur; a build-up of smaller jolts can also do this easily.

Cold weather stresses auto glass in Chicago

As mentioned above, glass reacts to temperatures and therefore weather. Your auto glass in Chicago is heavily changed in low temperatures. Windshield glass naturally becomes more concave in cold temperatures. The result of this is that any small chips and cracks are likely to spread quite drastically horizontally. This is scary because it is an element that is out of your control. It has been proven by the Motor Industry Research Association that chips at 32 degrees are 60% more likely to crack.

Hot weather stresses auto glass in Chicago

Just as cold weather plays a role in the damage of auto glass in Chicago; so too does hot weather. Heat generally changes the shape of glass which will wreak havoc with small chips already, turning them into cracks. This is more likely to occur vertically as opposed to horizontally as cold weather does. However, when the auto glass is heated on a hot day, the cold air from your air-con unit will also cause chips to crack.

As you can see, there are two elements here that are completely out of control. Hot and cold conditions will have a negative effect on all damaged auto glass. With the driving stress, you can attempt to be gentler with your vehicle but it is likely that something will eventually occur if it is left for too long. Repairing auto glass is less expensive than replacing it and will only take a few minutes. So rather properly maintain your auto glass in Chicago.

Look up further stressors to your auto glass in Chicago. This will help you understand how better to look after your auto glass. For professional advice, visit at Aero Auto Parts.