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Ways to Transform Recycled Glasses into New Pieces

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Shopping
November 1, 2012

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Wine bottles are not just for wines. Instead of throwing empty wine bottles, why not collect them and turn them into more useable and lovely pieces. Recycled Bottle Glass products have become very popular lately. You can actually transform used bottles into many different, wonderful things that people may have not imagined before. Bottles are great items for crafts that can be used as décor accents for your living room, kitchen and even bathroom. Recycled bottles can be turned into unique crafts that are great for gift giving. In fact, there are a lot of online shops that sell personalized wine bottles out of recycled wine bottles.


Empty bottles can be used as olive oil pourers. This may sound boring at first but you can actually make a fanciful pourer which you can give as gift for the coming holiday. You can fill the bottle with herbs and aromatic leaves, making them look great as centerpieces. Your friends can even use these flavorful oils for cooking delectable and unusual cuisines. If you plan to make into a decorative piece, you should choose clear or light-colored bottles to properly display its contents. After sealing your Recycled Glass with a cork, it is best to leave it in a dark corner for a few days to allow the contents to settle.


Adding more spices and herbs such as thyme, cinnamon sticks, lavender, and springs of rosemary can create an even colorful and more aromatic scent. If you want you can add a personalized label on the bottle detailing what herbs or spices it contains as well as the wine it used to have. You can also leave it with nothing to achieve a contemporary look.


For those who have artistic imagination or advanced skills, you can turn empty wine bottles into a unique canvas. You can paint anything on the bottle, transforming it into a completely new piece of art. There are certain paint brands that are specially designed for glass surface. These paints are usually transparent allowing light to pass through it, although there are also some paints that are opaque and have a solid finish. Recycled Bottle Glass actually offers a great medium for you to practice your painting skills.


Wide mouthed bottles are perfect containers for your potpourri. For this, you simply need to fill up the bottle with the appropriate size of potpourri; add some more bows, label tags; add in a few drops of fragrance oils or scents; and your unique potpourri bottle is ready for display or for gifting. In case it dries up, you can simply drop in more fragrance.


Perhaps, the easiest way to recycle glasses is to use them as vases. This may sound dull but you can actually add flare to your eco-friendly vase by using water beads. These accessories make your vase even more interesting because of the variety of colors the bottle contains. Choose colors that will match the tint of the glass as well as the flowers you plan to place in it.