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Venice Vacations: An Architectural Dream Come True

By: Alex
Category : Travel
November 6, 2012

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Every city in Italy is alive with culture and history, but Venice brings out the best in Italy. Spending your days walking or traveling by waterway, there is no hustle and bustle or rush to get anywhere. Venice vacations offer a chance to leisurely walk the streets of Venice, taking in its incredible culture and history, with surprises around every corner. Venice has its own unique feel that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The feeling of love, grandeur and incredible history take on a life of its own in Venice.

Museums and Art Galleries

If you love history and art, Venice vacations are a dream- come- true for you. With a turn around every corner, you will find museums, art galleries and palaces. Explore the rich history of Venice, including the Bridge of Sighs where the prisoners crossed to go to the Venice prison and the Murano glass museum with breathtaking glass exhibits. Head to the Squero di San Trovaso where you can see the original workshop of the gondola boats Venice is famous for and the center of Venice, St. Mark’s Square. If you desire a visit to a true palace, let your travels take you to Doge’s Palace, which is one of Italy’s oldest palaces and houses masterpieces that must be seen when traveling to Italy.

The Waterways

Venice is filled with waterways. Traveling through them or on foot is the main mode of transport in Venice. Take a luxurious gondola ride through the canals of Venice as you take in the breathtaking sites and envelope yourself in the luxury of Venice. Your gondolier will act as your tour guide as he points out the various architectural wonders of Venice. Starting at the Grand Canal, you will find architectural designs that date back to the 13th century. If your ride allows, take a tour under the famous Rialto Bridge that is seen in many iconic movies. A gondola ride is something everyone must do at least once in their life on their Venice vacations.


Every Italian vacation must include a little shopping time. After taking your gondola ride, disembark at the Rialto Bridge, savor its gorgeous architecture, take advantage of photographic opportunities and then start shopping. You will find quaint shops that offer goods from the local merchants, such as lace and glass and other Italian goods.

Venice vacations are the perfect way to see Italy and its magical wonders. Rich with architectural designs and incredible history, everyone falls in love with the sights and sounds of Venice. Embrace the museums, art galleries and scenery everywhere you turn in this outdoor museum that is home to the many wonders of Italy.

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