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Various Mortgage Virginia Beach Options

By: Alex
Category : Finance
August 15, 2012

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If you are thinking about buying a home, the first thing you need to do is look into the various Mortgage Virginia Beach has to offer.  The right mortgage can make or break your new home dreams as well as your budget.  There are a variety of different types of mortgages and each have their advantages and disadvantages.  Weigh the options of the mortgage Virginia Beach you choose and pick what is best for your situation. 

Even if you do not know that much about mortgages, you probably have heard the terms “fixed rate” and “adjustable rate” in terms of mortgage Virginia Beach.  There are a wide variety of mortgages available, but the two under those names are the most common.

Fixed rate mortgages are mortgages in which the interest rates stay the same for the entire length of the loan.  Whether you take out a 15, 20, or even 30-year loan, you can expect your interest rate to stay the same for the entire time.  The good news is that you will always know what your monthly payment will be and you will never have any surprises in your loan.  The bad news is that if the interest rate falls below the level it was on when you made the agreement, you will still have to pay the higher rate.  If the interest rates are high when you look into a mortgage Virginia Beach, you might want to look into a different type of loan.

Adjustable Rate mortgages are often simply called an ARM loan or a variable rate mortgage.  These mortgages allow your monthly payment to fluctuated based on the current going interest rate.  The good side is that, in general, you can usually get a lower interest rate up front than you would get with a fixed rate mortgage.  On the other side, after that initial period expires, the rate can fluctuate and your monthly payments will be more in question.

There are also FHA loans, which are also known as Federal Housing Administration mortgages.  This mortgage Virginia Beach allows buyers to qualify for a loan, even if they do not have much money to offer as a down payment.  This loan is great for those who are buying their first homes and do not have much cash saved up to invest.  On the other hand, the size of the loan might be limited because of the lack of down payment.

There are many other mortgage Virginia Beach options, but no matter what you choose, it is best to get pre approved for your mortgage before you look for your perfect house.  You will know how much you have available to spend and you can hit the market as a serious buyer. is a website that helps homeowners figure out what is best for their mortgage and investment needs including loan programs, mortgage calculators and more.

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