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Trauma Informed Treatment Promotes Long-Term Recovery, Find in Minneapolis

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Psychology
April 6, 2018

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Trauma is generally defined as an experience or event that psychologically overwhelms the person involved (or witnessing) an event. Many people suffer from a traumatic event in their lives and as a result, develop mental health problems which in turn can lead to damaging behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse. Highly trained professionals at substance abuse treatment facilities believe that an understanding of trauma, and how it can affect an individual over a period of time, should underline all mental health and treatment processes. This is known as 'trauma informed' treatment.

What Is Trauma Informed Treatment?

Trauma informed therapy for substance abuse recognizes that many sufferers who receive treatment for addiction are also receiving mental health services and have experienced trauma in the past that is in some way linked to their current situation. For this reason, addiction and mental health services in Minneapolis begin any treatment process by screening for trauma in the very initial stages. This then allows highly qualified and knowledgeable staff to assess the extent of the trauma and use this to develop a treatment plan.

Each client's history and relationship with trauma is thoroughly assessed to identify any symptoms that could be related to trauma. They are regularly re-assessed throughout the course of their treatment so that trauma and addiction specialists can make changes and adjustments as needed. This is integrated with a problem-solving approach to recovery that aims to increase an awareness of self-esteem, emotional regulation, and behavioral patterns. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction that uses an understanding of trauma as the focal point of the process is based on a variety of strategies. These can be customized to the individual depending on their specific experiences and needs. They include strength-based approaches that build on skill development in two-hour sessions over a number of weeks.

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