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The Price Of Photo Printing Services

By: Phineas Gray
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November 12, 2012

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In this day and age everyone has digital prints because of all of the new technology, this doesn’t mean however that some of us don’t still want pictures that can be held or pressed into a scrapbook or cataloged into a memory box to look at for years to come.  This does not have to be a thing of the past and can still be enjoyed today thanks to many of the companies we will cover in this article.  Many people thought that once digital cameras took over there would no longer be a need or a want for pictures.  There are actually many places that offer photo printing services.  As a matter of fact many of them are fighting for your business and are willing to lower their prices from what they once charged to get you as a customer.
The way the printing service companies are vying for your business it’s hard to figure out which one offers the best price and the best quality.  This article is going to highlight and compare some of the printing services being offered by different companies and try to answer this very question for you.

Walgreens offers photo printing services for as little as .19 per print.  They offer a variety of printing services from wallet size prints to enlargements of all sizes. You can purchase glossy or matte prints and can even order them online. Walmart offers photo printing services for .13 per print. They use Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper in a glossy or a matte print. You can also get your prints put on anything from wall calendars to throw blankets. 

Mpix offers photo printing services that can be on matte, metallic or true black and white paper. This company has received poor reviews however based on its online editing tools. Picaboo doesn’t have any deals as far as prints, but does offer you up to 40% savings on such things as cards, calendars and photo books.

Snapfish gives its new customers 20 4x6 prints for free as well as offering free shipping on orders over $40. Shutterfly offers 50 4x6 photos for its new customers as well as free shipping on orders over $30.00.
Many of these companies offer similar prices and similar quality when it comes to their photo printing services, it is basically up to you which company you choose to go with.  You may find that one works better for you over the other.  Since they all offer deals for new customers, you may want to give each one of them a try and take advantage of the one time savings to you.  This way you will be able to see which company best fits your needs and your style in photo printing services.

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