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The Many Benefits of Growth Hormone Injections

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Health and Medical
September 27, 2018

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Scientists and doctors have been studying human growth hormone for around 100 years. It is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland and it is responsible maintaining healthy cell growth within the body. While it remains in the bloodstream for only a few seconds after secretion, it is a major factor in cell regeneration and cell growth. HGH levels can decrease over time, but there are many benefits in maintaining a steady supply of human growth hormone within the body. Many people seek growth hormone injections to maintain hormone levels after they start to decline.

Benefits of Getting Growth Hormone Injections

● Human growth hormone accelerates the breakdown of lipids within the body, which leads to increased weight loss. Studies have shown that growth hormone injections increased the rate of weight loss by 1.6%, proving that HGH can play a role in fighting obesity.
● Growth hormone injections can also increase muscle strength and improve athletic performance. The growth hormone injections stimulate the body’s production of collagen, thus increasing the body’s ability to create muscle. The effect is so great it’s use is prohibited in competition sports.
● Growth hormone is also responsible for controlling the health and growth of the skeletal system. As people age, the bones become weaker and more brittle due to several factors, one of which is the decrease in HGH within the system. Growth hormone injections help protect bones, and can even cause them to heal faster after a fracture.
● Another of the health benefits of getting growth hormone injections is lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease. A Swedish study showed the risk of cardiovascular disease increased with the decrease of HGH.
● Growth hormone injections act as anti-aging treatments. Patients on an HGH regimen noticed increased hair growth and younger looking skin. They also had increased memories and a higher energy level. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines lessened, and some people even experienced a sharpening in their visual acuity.
● Those on the HGH treatments also experience better sleep cycles. They stay asleep longer and wake feeling more rejuvenated. Energy levels are also reported to be higher with treatment.

Starting Your Growth Hormone Injections

HGH treatment may not be suitable for everyone. People suffering from critical illnesses or cancer should not start a regimen. Also, those with diabetes and eye issues should make sure to discuss those problems with their doctor before proceeding with a growth hormone injection. The doctors at our company clinics will discuss your health and whether HGH is right for you.