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Take Care Of Your Vehicle's Tires In Essex Junction

By: Alex
Category : Automobiles
April 26, 2012

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Proper care of tire in Essex Junction is important for safety of your vehicle. Tire care is simple and easy to follow but if left unchecked can be a safety hazard for you and your vehicle. The basic maintenance includes a regular check up of the tire inflation pressure, alignment, rotation and tread. This article provides more details on these checks.

Inflation Pressure Of Tires In Essex Junction

A lack of proper inflation in tires causes stress and irregular wear along with the loss of controls and even accidents. Owner’s manual provides instructions on how to check for the inflation pressure in tires. Inflation pressure should be checked when the tires are not hot as the tires heat up even with shorter drive and show an increase in the inflation pressure. Do not bleed air pressure from hot tires. It is recommended to check the inflation pressure monthly or before going on a long trip.
In case the tires are overinflated, you can release some of the air by pressing the center part of the metal stem with a pointy object. Recheck the pressure until you get the desired reading. Replace the valve cap. If you carry a spare tire in your vehicle, check the inflation pressure of the spare as well.

Importance Of Alignment And Rotation For Tires In Essex Junction

Tire alignment can be disturbed when the car hits a curb or a port hole. A properly aligned car is necessary for balancing. Lack of alignment of car’s suspension system results in uneven wear of the tires and causes handling problems. Make sure to get the alignment checked periodically and get the tire balanced. All front wheel drive cars require four wheel alignments.
Every tire is subjected to different load in the car depending upon its location and hence wears at different rates. Tire rotation ensures that each tire is placed at each location at a certain time and all tires eventually wear out evenly. Refer to the owner’s manual to check the frequency of tire rotation or else rotation is recommended every 5000 miles. Some cars require different tire pressure for front and rear tires. Make sure to inflate them accordingly after the rotation cycle.

Check The Tread For Tires In Essex Junction

Tread of a tire us impacted by unusual and advanced wear of the tires. Do a visual inspection of the tires to check for uneven wear, high or low areas and signs of damage. Tires need replacement if the tread is down to 1/16th of an inch. You can also do a penny test to the check the tread on a tire. Insert the penny into the grooves of the tread. If all of Lincoln’s head is visible and no part is covered by the tread then it is time for tire replacement.

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