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Spruce Up Your Art Collection with Custom Oil Paintings

By: Alex
Category : Business
April 23, 2013

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There are few types of home or office decorations that contribute to a classy, formal, and tasteful atmosphere more than the oil painting. Part of a tradition lasting hundreds of years, oil paintings are an eternal genre of artwork that stands the test of time. Nearly all the great artists dabbled in oil painting, if they were not experts already; DaVinci, Botticelli, Raphael, Van Gogh, and countless others.

Painters throughout history have made their marks in the art world through oil paintings. But what many of these painters have in common, especially painters during the Renaissance era, is that they were commissioned by a wealthy and influential person or family in power to create these lasting oil paintings. And this is a tradition which you can still take part in today. When you order Custom Oil Paintings, you are not only making yourself part of an enduring tradition, but you are also actively supporting the artists who live to create beauty and are spreading this beauty yourself by commissioning this artwork to be created.

Commission an Oil Painting

Of course, you can always buy an oil painting, but commissioning custom oil paintings is satisfying on many levels. For one, you are able to develop a meaningful relationship with the painter, with whom you will be in constant communication throughout the process. Secondly, you can invest your time and energies into finding an artist whose work you admire and artistic vision you share.

Go For Custom

The great thing about ordering custom oil paintings is that you can request exactly what you want and then leave the details up to the painter’s artistic vision. You therefore have the final say on what the oil painting should contain, while still knowing that your oil painting is in good hands (which is why it is so important to choose an artist with a compatible artistic vision).

*    Landscapes: Landscape oil paintings emulate the beauty of the outdoor environment.

*    Portraits: A portrait celebrates the unique personality and identity of the subject in whose image it is created.

*    Still life: A still life is a type of oil painting which unearths the motion within seemingly still objects, such as a bowl of fruit, a set table with dishes and cutlery, a flower vase, a basket with bread, and other natural or manmade objects.

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