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Signs Your Home May Need New Siding

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Home Improvement
January 17, 2019

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One of the biggest changes you can make to the exterior of your house is replacing the siding. However, this is a huge improvement project to take on because of the skill needed for the project and the sheer surface area that needs siding replacement. If you are considering replacing your siding but aren’t sure, we’ll share some tips for when it’s right to do so.

Blistered or Bubbling Siding

When the siding on your Boston, MA, home bubbles or blisters, this typically means it has been exposed to large amounts of moisture or heat. These two problems should never be present on your siding, and if they are, something needs to be done about it. You will want to work with a professional to replace the areas of the siding affected. This person can help you determine why the problem exists and how you can prevent it in the future.

Extreme Energy Costs

Sometimes if you are experiencing high energy bills, it means that the insulation in your home isn’t what it should be. While some of the insulation may be found in the attic and other areas, it’s also right in the walls of your Boston, MA, home. Siding replacement may be an option. Nowadays there are wrap products for the home that provides extra insulation.

Hail Damage Present

If your home has been through more than a few hail storms, you may notice denting, chipping, and cracking on your siding. These issues can limit the extent to which your siding can act as a protective barrier for your home. Because of that, you may need siding replacement to ensure your home doesn’t experience other issues.

Noticeable Loose Siding

Everything from wind damage to shoddy installation and even the settling of your home may cause the siding on your home to loosen. Once your siding is loose, it can’t protect your home in the way that you want it to. Because of that, no matter what caused it, it needs to be considered. This may lead to the need to replace the siding on your Boston dwelling.

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