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Save on Purple Chocolate Hearts for Your Big Day

By: Alex
Category : Chocolate
March 12, 2013

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Purple is a fun and festive color. There’s no question why it keeps popping up as one of the most popular party colors. Whether you’re hosting a sweetheart dance, a birthday party, a baby shower or a colorful wedding, finding bulk purple chocolate hearts at affordable prices can provide the perfect party favors for your guests. Here are two tips on getting the most from your order.

Focus on Quality Chocolate

One way or another, your purple chocolate hearts will leave a big impression, just make sure the flavor is in your favor. Saving money is awesome, but not when guests are left with memories of chocolates they couldn’t force themselves to eat.

Before making an order with any chocolatier, be sure to order a sample. Some businesses will send these for free, while others charge a small amount. This is completely acceptable to cover their product and shipping it to your house. Stay away from companies that refuse to send samples. Almost all bulk sources for chocolate have minimum orders in hundreds of units, which results in a savings but still more money than you’d want to spend without experiencing their taste and texture first-hand.

You may be able to find a chocolatier that works with various types of chocolate as well. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate are all fairly common, as are certain filled chocolates like truffles or peanut butter squares. Obviously, not all these options are cost effective. Dark and milk chocolate are the most common high-quality materials used by budget chocolate manufacturers. While milk chocolate is somewhat of an American specialty, Belgian dark chocolate is often second-to-none.

Consider Customization

For many parties, having chocolate wrapped in purple foil is customization enough. Purple is also one of those colors that is hard to find in personalized bulk options. It often is not cost effective to try to get printing done on purple wrappers unless you’re hosting a one-time event, such as a wedding where having your guests remember names and dates is of utmost importance.

Birthday parties, dances and that sort of event may require a personalized memento for the guests of honor and their families but providing them for the general public isn’t necessary. Instead, talk to your chocolatier about other options that may fit the bill without going over your budget. You may find purple chocolate hearts bundled together with other treats offer a better solution.

Looking for purple chocolate hearts for your wedding, birthday or big event? Look to for a variety of colorful, sweet party favors at affordable prices.