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Reasons To Install New Windows In Your Home

By: Alex
Category : Home Improvement
November 1, 2012

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If you have old, drafty windows in your home it might be time to think about replacing them.  New windows are a great investment that may actually increase the value of the home while saving you money.  New window materials allow for increased energy efficiency and very low maintenance.  There are many reasons why installing new windows in Minneapolis makes sense both for increased function and financial savings. 

One of the best reasons to install new windows in Minneapolis is to save money on energy costs.  New windows are often created with superior energy efficiency.  Their insulation value is often significantly greater which means that in the winter the heat will stay in and the cold will stay out. The opposite is true during summer months.  In fact, new windows may save a homeowner around 15 percent of their energy costs every month.  These savings may actually help to pay for the cost of the replacement windows over time.

Along with keeping the cold out in the winter, new windows are also often better at keeping out noise.  This is particularly beneficial for the homeowner that lives by a busy street or in a city.   New windows can allow for increased privacy and better sleep by helping to keep a home quiet and comfortable inside even if it is loud and bustling outside.

New windows in Minneapolis are also very attractive.  They can greatly increase the look of the home both from the inside and from the outside.   This is particularly true if the current windows in your home are old, outdated, non-functioning, or have condensation in the glass.  These problems can make a home look and feel older than it is.  Clean, modern windows can add value and aesthetic appeal. 

Finally, new windows may help to protect your home and furnishing from UV fading.  Carpets, window coverings, and artwork can all be damaged by exposure to sunlight.    Low E glass is particularly helpful in limiting the damage to property from UV rays.  Newer windows can allow for light to enter your home without the extra heat and damage that can occur from sunlight through unprotected glass.  This feature can further increase the money savings that come from replacing old windows.

Obviously, there are many reasons to replace old, outdated windows with new, energy efficient ones.  A whole house window replacement should be completed by an experienced window contractor who can help you select the best window products for your home.  Enjoy the incredible function and savings new windows can provide by talking to a contractor today.