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Questions to Ask Your Family Dentist in Casa Grande

By: Alex
Category : Dental
November 2, 2012

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Choosing the right dentist is very important for a number of reasons. For one thing, you want to make sure it’s a dentist that also treats young children if you are going to be taking your kids there. If they aren’t experienced in that area, it could be a traumatic experience for your children that will shape their attitude towards dentists for the rest of their lives. Finding the right dentist is also important because you want someone you can trust. Here are some questions to ask your potential family dentist in Casa Grande to make sure you are picking the right one.

What ages do you treat?
There are some dentists who only specialize in treating certain ages. There are pediatric dentists who specialize in treating children up to a certain age and there are dentists who only specialize in treating adults. But a family dentist in Casa Grande will treat almost any age, making it more convenient because families can make one appointment and get everything done at one place. But you should know the ratio of patients and their ages before you decide on a dentist. If they have only treated a couple children, it may not be the best dentist for treating your entire family.

What are your methods?
There are several schools of thought in the dental field when it comes to treatment methods. Some dentists prefer to use the tried and true methods of dentistry that they have done for many years while others like to implement the newest technologies in their practice. When you are choosing your family dentist in Casa Grande, you should find out what methods they prefer. Do their methods make you feel comfortable and assured? Do you prefer dentists who use the older methods or the newer advancements in dental technology? Make sure you are comfortable with their answer before you choose them as your dental professional.

Do you take my insurance?
Dental insurance is a great thing to have because it can save you money on dental procedures. While most procedures, like tooth cleaning and checkups, might be inexpensive, the more involved procedures can get costly real fast. Before a major dental problem arises, make sure the family dentist that you choose takes your insurance. If they don’t, you should find one that will work with you on payment plans or find a dentist that does take your insurance so you aren’t financially stuck when a dental emergency or crises comes up.

Do you participate in continuing dental education?
Many dentists take the time to expand their knowledge of new and emerging technologies and topics in the dental world so they can be an informed dental health provider. You want to make sure your family dentist does this so they can be up to date on the things that might affect you and your family and the best ways to treat those issues.

When you’re looking for an experienced and qualified family dentist in Casa Grande, Robert F. Hankel Jr. D.D.S. is the professional for you. He and his team use the latest technology and are committed to providing 100 percent satisfaction with each and every patient they treat.

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