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Pros And Cons To Purchasing New Construction In Sierra Vista

By: Alex
Category : Real Estate
November 6, 2012

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When considering buying a home under new construction in Sierra Vista, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of such a large purchase.  The most prominent advantage to getting a newly constructed home is that the house is brand, spanking new.  Everything from the appliances, heating and cooling systems, windows and the roof are all new which means that every single piece and part of the home should be accompanied with warranties.  This translates to very low repair bills in the first few years that you own the home.

New construction in Sierra Vista will also come with lower operating costs as these new homes will be more energy efficient than older built houses.  Energy Star appliances, energy efficient windows and newer HVAC equipment will save you money and could even earn income tax credits for you as a homeowner.  It is crucial that you save all your receipts and list all your energy efficiencies within the home for your tax advisor, so you can be assured that you get all your tax credits due to you.  Make sure you check with your tax advisor or financial consultant about all of these.

Having the ability to customize certain features is another advantage to considering new construction in Sierra Vista for your new home purchase.  Many things such as the appliances and paint can be suited to your own personal style which is quite the advantage and cost savings over buying an existing home structure and having to pay to redo all of those things to your own design décor taste and style.  Additionally, many builders could throw in free upgrades or amenities and even possibly give you a lower asking price in order to entice you to purchase one of their homes.  This is all really good because you can essentially negotiate a few extras or perks or discounts on something additional that will make your life in the new home a lot easier but not really put the builders into a lot of extra labor or additional costs.

With all of these advantages, there are a few disadvantages as well.  Don’t assume that a newly constructed home will be in perfect condition.  Always obtain a home inspection prior to purchasing any type of home as this will alert you to any possible repairs that may need to be done.  This step can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.  Many contractors who are building new construction in Sierra Vista will start neighborhoods where there is open land. If you purchase a home in one of these urban developments, then you could find yourself a long distance away from the city which could extend your work commute.

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